11 years out of the last 36, no snow as of April 1st

11 years out of the last 36, no snow as of April 1st

SNOW SURVEY READINGS for 2023-2024 Season

 There was no snow to measure at the local monitoring locations reports the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) who measures snow depth and water content as part of its Flood Forecasting and Warning Program.

 "Above Freezing temperatures and a rain event melted the snow that was reported on the previous snow survey on March 22,” said Angela Mills, NBMCA Water Resources Specialist. “In the 36-year data record, there have been up to 11 years reporting no snow at the beginning of April”, she added.

 NBMCA has changed the way snow survey measurements are compared to historical conditions. With day-to-day differences in snowpack conditions, these changes include reporting a range of normal values that would be expected in most years and communicating a comparison of current measurements relative to these normal conditions. A new Snow Survey web page is available with more snow survey program information and this season's measurements. https://nbmca.ca/watershed-management/snow-survey/

 Snow is measured for depth and water equivalence at three locations in the watershed. Staff will continue to monitor landscape conditions and will report if snow is present again for scheduled snow surveys.

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