13 Unsolved Missing Persons Investigations Ongoing

13 Unsolved Missing Persons Investigations Ongoing

13 Unsolved missing person investigations active

 Click on the links below for information on each of the North Bay Police Service's unsolved missing person investigations.

  1. CARISSE, Dawn Eva, missing since 9 August 2001
  2. CHEVRIER, David Allan, missing since 22 June 1994
  3. DUNLOP, Brian Joseph, missing since 2 June 1994
  4. GRAVEL, Steven Hector, missing since 23 December 2000
  5. GUÉRIN, Philippe, missing since 12 June 1966
  6. HENRY, Brian, missing since 5 May 1974
  7. HOFFERT, Russell, missing since 7 April 2000
  8. JOLY-DUROCHER, Luke, missing since 4 March 2011
  9. OSTERTAG, William Richard, missing since 16 December 1990
  10. WELSH, Norman Richard, missing since 19 July 1976
  11. WESLEY, Glen Warren Neil, missing since 15 September 2010
  12. WESTBROOK, Walter Charles, missing since 8 September 1994
  13. ZUBKO, Terry Anthony, missing since 21 July 1982

 Submit a tip

Anyone with information that may assist police in locating any of these missing persons, is asked to visit us at the police station at 135 Princess Street West, or call 705-497-5555 and select option 9 to speak with a police officer.

For those who wish to remain anonymous, contact Near North Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or submit a tip online at NearNorthCrimeStoppers.com



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