$300,000 to Fight Crime

$300,000 to Fight Crime

Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing announced that the Ontario government is fighting back against crime in North Bay by investing $300,000 in crime prevention initiatives. The funds forfeited to the province as proceeds of crime following criminal prosecutions, will be used to support the North Bay Police Service’s Youth Engagement Project.

 “Our government is using every tool including cash and proceeds seized from criminals to prevent crime and protect our community,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “Theses funds are being reinvested back into communities to help support victims, educate youth and increase awareness about crimes such as gang violence and hate.”

 “The North Bay Police Service is pleased that the Government of Ontario is investing $300,000 towards the Youth Engagement Project. The objective of the project is to work with youth in our community to promote safety and well-being while preventing violence, crime and victimization. The new pro-active policing project will also assist the NBPS in building positive relationships, establishing trust and opening the lines of communication with local youth.” – Chief Tod, North Bay Police Service.


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