Mental Health Care for Students

Mental Health Care for Students

Over $400,000 to Improve Mental Health Care for Postsecondary Students

The Ontario government is supporting students by investing over $400,000 towards mental health and addictions services in primary care in postsecondary institutions in North Bay. Mental health projects will provide learners in underserved communities in Northeastern Ontario with care from trained mental health professionals.

 “Today’s funding will help Nipissing University, in partnership with Canadore College, support unique “back-to-campus” services for students in hospital care for acute and chronic mental health conditions,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “Our government recognizes that timely access to mental health resources provides the support needed for students to achieve their academic potential.”


Funding breakdown is as follows:

 Canadore College:

·       Mental Health Services Grant: $107,236.56  

·       Mental Health Worker Grant: $100,000.00

 Nipissing University:

·       Mental Health Services Grant: $111,085.63

·       Mental Health Worker Grant: $100,000.00

 “At Canadore College, we understand that moving into post-secondary education marks a significant developmental stage. While it's an exciting period, it often brings emotional hurdles beyond academic adjustments," said George Burton, President and CEO of Canadore College. "The likelihood of facing mental health challenges may rise, especially for those with pre-existing conditions. We've long prioritized the overall well-being of our students, and we appreciate Ontario's latest investment in mental health and addiction services, enhancing the support we already provide."

 "The mental health and wellbeing of our students is a top priority for Nipissing University. This new funding will provide welcome support for students experiencing mental health challenges, as well as contribute to the growth and continued success of our Peer Support Program," said Dr. Kevin Wamsley, President and Vice-Chancellor, Nipissing University. "Ensuring students have

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