$4000.00 Robbery at Local Mall

$4000.00 Robbery at Local Mall

Police Warn Public of “Thumb-tacks in Tires” Scam

North Bay Police Service is warning holiday shoppers of a new scam that has arisen involving a report of thumb tacks in vehicle tires.

The North Bay Police Service received a report about a scam on Sunday December 10th, that occurred at Northgate Square Mall.

During the incident, a shopper entered her vehicle after completing her shopping, and immediately a male knocked on her window, indicating to her to roll it down. When she complied, the male advised her that there were thumb-tacks in and around her tires, and that she should remove them. When the victim attended to her tires, she located several thumb-tacks and began to remove them. While she was doing this, the would-be good Samaritan reached through her open window and stole her purse. Later in the day, the victim noticed that her purse was missing, and discovered that over $4000 in unauthorized purchases and cash withdrawals had been made shortly after the incident. The North Bay Police Service is investigating.

The public is reminded to be vigilant of all types of scams. Here is a list of tips to remain safe this holiday season.

  • Never leave your wallet or purse unattended, even for a second
  • If someone you don’t know knocks on your vehicle window don’t open it
  • Use your cell phone to call police, if it’s a scam the person will leave
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any interactions with someone you don’t know
  • Report any suspicious banking activity immediately to your bank or credit card company

Let’s work together this holiday season to prevent scams of all kinds.

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