$75 Million for Passenger Rail

$75 Million for Passenger Rail

Province making significant progress in restoring passenger rail service between Timmins and Toronto

The Ontario government is delivering on its promise to restore the Northlander passenger rail service to northeastern communities by investing more than $75 million. Last Friday, Associate Minister Vijay Thanigasalam was in Bracebridge to announce three contracts that included new shelters and rail safety projects. This marks a significant milestone in reinstating service between Timmins and Toronto, providing a safe and reliable transportation option for northern communities and unlocking northeastern Ontario’s full economic potential.

 “Our government has long recognized the importance of having safe, convenient and reliable transportation that extends to Northern Ontario,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone in the long-awaited restoration of the Northlander’s vital passenger rail service. We look forward to the positive impact this will hold for our local communities as well as those experiencing the beauty and opportunities of the North for the first time.”

 "People and businesses in Northern Ontario deserve the same access to safe and reliable transportation options as the rest of Ontario,” said Vijay Thanigasalam, Associate Minister of Transportation. “Reinstating Northlander will not only support our northern industries and resource sectors but pave the way for a more integrated transportation network that will serve communities for generations to come.”

 “This investment marks further progress on the reinstatement of the Northlander train service,” said Chad Evans, Chief Executive Officer for Ontario Northland. “The shelters will be safe and accessible, providing a consistent, modern passenger experience for customers boarding and exiting the train all along the route. We are excited to see this work progress during this construction season and next.”

 Construction of station platforms, parking areas and pathways will begin this summer, along with track improvements to enhance rail safety, reduce derailment risks and decrease train maintenance. Once reinstated, the Northlander passenger rail service will operate four to seven days a week, based on seasonal travel demands.

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