70 More Lots on Trout Lake Proposed

70 More Lots on Trout Lake Proposed
Trout Lake Study- 70 new lots on main basin + 20 more on 4 Mile Bay

Plus 20 more on Four Mile Bay

The Trout Lake Watershed and Management Study (Trout Lake Study for short) https://northbay.ca/troutlakestudy was initiated as a comprehensive review of lake quality and the review of current policies and provisions around the protection and management of Trout Lake. A comprehensive study has not occurred since 1992. 

North Bay City Council awarded a contract in 2021 to J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd. to “conduct a watershed study, prepare a management plan for Trout Lake and provide planning consulting services to complete the required Official Plan Amendments and Zoning By-law Amendments”. J.L. Richards proposal included working with Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. who has an expertise in Lake Assessment and Management.

In total, the study provides 28 recommendations to improve current practices and ultimately protect the health of the lake.

Have your say here: https://northbay.ca/our-community/trout-lake-study/provide-a-comment/

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