9-2 Vote brings Reconsideration, Point of Order, Special Meeting called within 24 Hours on Arena

9-2 Vote brings Reconsideration, Point of Order, Special Meeting called within 24 Hours on Arena

A 9-2 Recorded Vote in favour of movng forward the arena project with a target price of 60 million, became a Notice of Reconsideration, Point of Order and the Mayor calling for a Special Meeting of Council within 24 hours.

In a recorded 9-2 vote in favour to move the community centre forward, Mayor Peter Chirico, Deputy Mayor Maggie Horsfield, Councilors Gary Gardiner, Mark King, Justine Mallah, Tanya Vrebosch, Chris Mayne, Mac Bain, Lana Mitchell voted in favour of moving ahead.

Councilors Jamie Lowery and Sara Inch voted against.

Once the vote was complete, Councilor Lowery put forward a notice of reconsideration which delays the result and brings it to the next Council meeting for a vote with no discussion.

Mayor Chirico then stated he would call a special meeting of council within 24 hours to deal with the reconsideration. It appears that didn't please Councilor Lowery and Councilor Lowery called a point of order and stated the procedural bylaw says the next regular scheduled council meeting. Mayor Chirico thanked him for his point of order and said I believe you are incorrect and stated I can call a special meeting of council, which I will.

The Recommendation: North Bay City Council supported the recommendation to authorize staff to issue a Request for Proposal for a Progressive Design Build for the design and construction of the Community and Recreation Centre that will achieve substantial construction completion in 2025 and meets the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Design Certification requirements of the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) Program funding contribution agreement between the City and the Government of Canada with a Target Budget of $60 million for the design and construction of a new community and recreation centre.

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