Alert APP for Community Updates

Alert APP for Community Updates

Alertable App to Provide Community Updates

The North Bay Police Service is continuing to use the Alertable app to send emergency alerts to citizens of North Bay. The app has been used on several occasions since June of 2023.

On at least two dozen occasions, the North Bay Police Service has sent out advisories through Alert-able in relation to all types of incidents, including missing persons, road closures, dangerous animals, and wanted suspects in our area. Updates are also sent out when situations are resolved.

The Alertable app provides the North Bay Police Service with another way to communicate emergencies and community alerts to the residents of North Bay. The public is made aware of situations in real-time, and can avoid certain areas, or can be on the look-out for wanted or missing individuals.

Alertable is a highly rated, easy-to-use, free application that can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple app stores. Users can customize what alerts they receive to best fit their needs. Notifications are fast, reliable and easy to see and hear.

The North Bay Police Service will continue to provide media releases about emergent events to local and regional media and will continue to post about events on police social media accounts. Alert-able offers an additional, proactive way to stay up-to-date with information from the North Bay Police Service.

“The use of Alertable is another tool in our toolbox that we can use to communicate with the public,” said North Bay Police Service Inspector Jeff Warner. “The Alertable app allows us to send users real-time notifications about incidents and emergency situations happening in our community. It’s another way we are working to ensure the public has the information they need when they need it.”

More information, including how to sign up for the Alertable app can be found at our website:

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