North Bay All-Wheel Park Getting Closer

North Bay All-Wheel Park Getting Closer

The third and final design workshop for the Downtown Waterfront’s Kiwanis All-Wheel Park will take place this Thursday at the North Bay Museum from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

New Line Skateparks Inc. will present a preferred design based on feedback from prior workshops and online surveys conducted over the past few months. With more than 300 responses received, community input has significantly influenced the proposed design.

A final online survey will also be launched on Thursday for community input before the preferred design is finalized. The All-Wheel Park, featuring a skatepark and pump track, will be located next to the Multi-Use Courts near the City's Peter Reid Transit Terminal, with construction starting in the spring.

Supported by NOHFC and the Kiwanis Club of Nipissing, the project aligns with the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan and the City's Parks Master Plan.

All community members are encouraged to join this final workshop. For more details, visit

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