60 Million Dollar Arena Project to be voted on Tuesday Night

60 Million Dollar Arena Project to be voted on Tuesday Night

If Council approves the award and contract EllisDon Corporation for the amount of $2,599,000 (plus HST) for the provision of Project Development Services for the Progressive Design Build of the North Bay Community and Recreation Centre, the arena will move forward. It is unclear if the stipulation of the Federal funding requirement to have substantial completion by December 2025 will be met or if an extension has been requested.

The North Bay Community and Recreation Centre project (“Project”) is a Greenfield arena project that will be located adjacent to, and integrated into, the existing Omischl Sports Field Complex opened in 2011, at 1099 Lakeshore Drive in North Bay, Ontario. The City intends to enter into a Progressive Design Build contract using a Canadian Construction Documents Contract (CCDC-14 2013) with Supplementary Conditions. The value of work required has a target project budget of $59,500,000.00 (excluding HST). The City intends to use a Progressive Design-Build approach where Project Development Services are engaged to work towards an Owner’s Statement of Requirements (OSR) and associated Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or stipulated Contract Price.

If the OSR and GMP or Contract Price are accepted by the City, a Change Order will be executed for commencement of final design and construction work. The Project will include the minimal functional programming as attached as Appendix A to Report to Council CAO 2023-001 dated September 8, 2023 from John Severino. The Project will be designed to meet the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) – Design Standard (version 2 or 3)

A formal bid request, which closed March 28, 2024, was administered by the Purchasing Department and was publicly advertised in accordance with the City’s Purchasing By-Law 2013-200. Seven (7) proposals were evaluated by the Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer and Colliers as non-scoring procurement oversight and scoring members included the Manager – Special Projects, Interim City Engineer, Chief Administrative Officer and Manager of Sports and Events. The evaluation considered experience, qualifications in design services and construction management.

The results are as follows: Ranking Company Overall Score

1 EllisDon Corporation 102.12

2 Bird Construction Group 101.29

3 Ball Construction Ltd. 94

4 M. Sullivan & Son Ltd. 71.38

5 Percon Construction Inc 57.7

6 Corebuild Construction Ltd. 56.53

7 Atlas Constuctors Inc. 50.79

The proposal from EllisDon Corporation scored highest and provides the best overall value to the City. Their bid is considered fair and reasonable.

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