Big Event for North Bay

Big Event for North Bay



 Tourism North Bay announced they will be hosting the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in partnership with Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario (NOTO) and Destination Northern Ontario (DNO) in late fall 2024 in North Bay.  


Since 2014, this annual summit aims to bring together tourism businesses, organisations, suppliers and all levels of government.  Attendees get to learn from industry experts and collaborate in support and promotion of the tourism sector in Northern Ontario.


‘We are thrilled to have been selected as the next destination to host the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit as this event has never previously been held in the city,’ claimed Tourism North Bay Executive Director, Tanya Bédard. ‘This is a tremendous opportunity to highlight the many attractions, activities and accommodations available throughout the city and to also welcome our colleagues and peers coming in from across the north.”


The agenda for this one-of-a-kind tourism event includes industry training, information sessions, innovative and best practice workshops, a range of speakers, a tradeshow component as well as numerous opportunities for networking and spending time discovering the local host community.

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