Building Stats Strong

Building Stats Strong

The building stats are in for 2023 and while they are down as compared with the last 3 years, they are still strong. For 2023, the total construction value saw the 4th highest values in the history of the City of North Bay. The top year was 2022 at 218 million dollars, 2021 at 128 million dollars and 2006 at 106 million dollars followed by 2023 at 100 million dollars.

Overall Single-family House starts in 2023 dropped significantly to 30 homes which is a 5 year low as compared with 86 new homes in 2021 and 76 new homes in 2022.

Total new dwellings hit a record of 167 new units in 2023 as compared with 2021 at 139 and 2022 had 138.

The industrial sector in 2023 saw an increase over 2022 (20.8 million vs 18.8 million), commercial saw a decrease in 2023 vs 2022 (16.4 million vs 17.8 million), residential saw a decrease in 2023 vs 2022(50.6 million vs 51.5 million) and Institutional saw a massive decrease in 2023 vs 2022 (10 million vs 127.4 million).

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