193 Calls Made A Busy Weekend For North Bay Police

193 Calls Made A Busy Weekend For North Bay Police
193 Calls for service this past weekend

North Bay Police Service dispatchers logged 193 calls for service during the weekend and 31 of those were 911 hang-ups which required follow-up by the officers.

The calls for service from the weekend included; 16 Disturbance or Unwanted Persons calls, 12 Well-being or Mental Health calls, 12 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 11 Traffic Complaints, 6 Alarms, 2 Domestic Disturbances, 2 Assaults, one Missing Person, and one individual was arrested and charged with Impaired driving.

Many other calls were logged as Police Information, or Noise Complaints. Officers also initiated 19 Traffic Stops, 11 Person Stops and 4 Property Checks throughout the same time period.

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