Canadian Army Training taking place in North Bay

Canadian Army Training taking place in North Bay

Canadian Army training in Sudbury, North Bay, and Timmins

Canadian Armed Forces Local Canadian Army Reserve units are training in multiple locations in Northern Ontario in the upcoming weeks. Dates include February 15, February 22, and March 7, 2024. Most training will be done in the evening hours of the dates specified. 33 Canadian Brigade Group’s Northern Tactical Group, consisting of soldiers from The Irish Regiment of Canada (Sudbury) and The Algonquin Regiment (North Bay & Timmins) will conduct this infantry navigation training using official Land Use Agreements in the following locations: Sudbury: Kivi Park & Crowley Lake Outpost; North Bay: Laurier Woods Conservation Area; and Timmins: Hersey Lake Conservation Area.

Members of the public may see Canadian Army soldiers in uniform with their service weapons, and military vehicles on local roads and highways. No ammunition of any kind will be present. This training is practice for later activities at Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) bases and ranges and allows these units and personnel to confirm skills locally before firing live ammunition at approved training facilities. This important exercise also prepares Canadian Army Reserve members to operate in various weather conditions and maintain fitness and stamina while carrying their equipment.

Regular, scheduled training keeps our soldiers and units ready to respond to missions in Canada like floods and wildfires and support international stability operations with partners and allies. All Canadian Army Reserve members train regularly to maintain and further develop their skills in safe and effective operations, and to test discipline, safety, and effectiveness.

All measures are being taken to ensure minimum inconvenience in these areas during the exercise dates, and members of the public are asked to use extra caution when approaching military vehicles and are thanked in advance for their understanding and co-operation.

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