Canadore College Students Showcasing Projects

Canadore College Students Showcasing Projects
Photo Credit- Canadore College

Canadore College highlights the research achievements of its students

Canadore College students who are involved in a variety of research projects are gaining additional skills and experiences.  Students working with the Canadore Research Centre recently showcased their projects in a number of areas, including healthcare, the environment, and genomics.  

 “Part of the unique nature of college applied research is our involvement of students and the experiential learning opportunities created as a result,” said Dr. Christina DeRoche, Research Centre Director. “We are an applied research centre, so partners are essential to our core mandate.  They dictate what is needed, and our students work with them and the research team to fill those needs.”

 “It’s good to see so many of our students involved in such a wide variety of research projects,” said George Burton, President and CEO. “They were engaged and keen to share details of the projects that will serve the community partners well in their operations.” 

 Projects being lined up for the fall include intergenerational learning with social robots, models of care for better patient outcomes, and infection prevention and control within long-term care homes and hospital settings.

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