Canadore honours students with an Evening of Excellence

Canadore honours students with an Evening of Excellence

Apr 12, 2024 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Canadore College has presented its student leaders and varsity athletes with awards in honour of their achievements in the last school year.

“Congratulations to all of our athletes and student leaders,” said President and CEO George Burton. “They have all contributed to the success of the past academic year and we are proud to acknowledge them.”

2023-2024 Award Presentations

Male Athlete of the Year
Ty Huxtable

Female Athlete of the Year
Domenica DeFrancesco 

Esports Player of the Year
Tyler Stubbs

Jayden Booy – Coach’s Award
Sam Laforge – Player of the Year

Women’s Hockey
Jenna Ivanski – Coach’s Award
Zoe Redmond – Player of the Year

Men’s Hockey
Raiden Thomas – Coach’s Award
Wyatt Brook – Player of the Year

Women’s Flag Football
Haley Hatherley – Coach’s Award
Taryn Madill – Player of the Year

Men’s Varsity Volleyball
Liam Callaghan – Rookie of the Year
Corey Forest – Coach’s Award
Konrad Siedlec – Player of the Year

Women’s Varsity Volleyball
Kira Fahrback – Rookie of the Year
Carlie Pappano – Coach’s Award
Domenica DeFrancesco – Player of the Year

Men’s Varsity Basketball
Logan Whitmell – Rookie of the Year
Corey Boochoon – Coach’s Award
Thomas Gowland – Player of the Year
Ty Huxtable – Player of the Year

Noah Strong Award

The Noah Strong Award was established by the NoahStrong Foundation.  Noah Dugas was a young, healthy, and vibrant 13-year-old who suffered a stroke and who, despite his strength and determination, passed away in November 2020.  The award recipients exemplify Noah’s affirmations: I am strong, I am kind, I am brave, I am resilient, I am helpful, I am a leader, I can do hard things, I can reach my goals, I am loved.  Canadore congratulates the recipients of the NoahStrong Award, Elyse Martin and Caleb Shank.

Laura Rainer Award – Sport and Wellness Employee of the Year
Logan Parker

Dean McCubbin Award – Sport and Recreation Leadership
Amy Lodin-Mateev


Canadore Students’ Council Recognition Awards

Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award
Jessica Crook 

The Canadore Students’ Council (CSC) is made up of elected and appointed members. Every year the CSC strives to provide quality student life experiences and inclusive engagement opportunities at all campuses, and it acts as the voice of the student body.

They are dedicated leaders who are engaged in all aspects of student life at Canadore.

Canadore College congratulates the 2023-2024 CSC team for their all of their contributions to our students over the past year.

Jessica Crook, President
Alex Mathew, Vice President, Operations
Zach Lebel, Vice President, Student Life
Dakota Hamilton, College Drive Rep
Chinmay Patel, Commerce Court Rep
Riley Ong, Aviation Campus Rep
Emma Stewart, Parry Sound Campus Rep
Brittany Larebee, First Peoples’ Centre Rep
Logan Parker, Sport & Wellness Rep
Amy Lodin-Mateev, Sport & Wellness Rep

ICanLead Certificate Recipients

In 2017, Canadore College and Canadore Students’ Council initiated peer-to-peer leadership development with the iCanLead Student Leadership Team. The leadership program brings students together from different cultures and empowers them to become better local and regional citizens.

Canadore College congratulates the members of our 2023-2024 iCan Lead Team!

Sameer AL Jabawi
Jessica Crook
Dakota Hamilton
Gursharan Kaur
Zach Lebel
Alex Mathew
Sruti Panicker
Chinmay Patel
Ivjot Singh

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