Canadore College Standing Up for the North

Canadore College Standing Up for the North
Candore College standing up and supporting the North 

A recent blanket announcement made by the Federal government will have significant negative ramifications for Northern Ontario. The Federal announcement will have long standing implications for the north's economy, attracting skilled labour, negatively impacting population growth and hindering post-secondary enrollment for Northern Colleges and Universities. Canadore is the first post-secondary institution in the north to take a stand to protect the north.

Canadore Statement:

Yesterday’s announcement by the federal government to use a blunt instrument to reduce the number of new visas issued to international students by 35% this year is very disappointing and will have negative impacts on our communities.

We all agree, institutions that are exploiting students should cease to operate. However, this blunt instrument will penalize those institutions that have responsibly managed their international enrolments, maintained academic quality, and successfully delivered the Canadian post-secondary education experience to international students.

Canadore remains market driven -- supporting the workforce and delivering programs in healthcare, human services, trades, hospitality, aviation, supply chain management, and project management to name a few. Our international students and alumni keep the economy growing.

Until we know more about the evolving details and all the unintended consequences come to light, we cannot comment on the direct impact of this blunt instrument being used by the federal government.

Canadore remains committed to providing the very best applied education and student experience to all our students at all our campuses, and we remain committed to our international strategy.

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