Caron Gagne Appointed to NNDSB Board

Caron Gagne Appointed to NNDSB Board

Caren Gagne, who was the runner-up in the 2022 election for Zone 2 trustee, will be appointed to the Near North District School Board pending the official swearing in May 14 Board meeting. She served a partial term as the Zone 2 trustee when she was appointed in September 2021 to replace a former trustee that moved out of area.

The decision to appoint the runner-up, Ms Gagne, was made by the Board at a special meeting held Monday, April 22, 2024.

At that meeting, Trustee Howard Wesley thanked Director of Education Craig Myles for the report, noting that “the province created (trustee) roles to be elected,” so Trustee Wesley was in support of the recommended option.

Trustee-elect Gagne, who has an extensive history of community service, says, “I am honoured to be back on the NNDSB. I have a readiness to work hard for good, solid, educational policies with a focus on collaboration and equity for the diverse needs and abilities of all our students.”

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