CGB celebrates 6 years of Beautifying North Bay

CGB celebrates 6 years of Beautifying North Bay

Join us as we celebrate six years of Clean, Green, Beautiful North Bay (CGB)! Our dedicated volunteers have collected thousands of bags of litter, planted hundreds of trees, and created seven thriving community orchards (with four more to come), making our city cleaner and greener. 

In 2023, CGB achieved the highest honour in the Communities in Bloom contest, earning a spot in the national competition. Let's continue our momentum by participating in our annual citywide cleanup on Earth Day weekend, April 20th and 21st. 

Order your bags now by heading over to (or by clicking on the links below) and join us in preserving the beauty of North Bay. For any questions or inquiries, email

CGB extends heartfelt appreciation to its community sponsors and acknowledges the invaluable contributions of volunteers in preserving the cleanliness, greenery and beauty of North Bay: Canadore College, Redpath, Enbridge, C John D'Agostino Law, A&W, Caisse Alliance, Cooperators Insurance, Cogeco, Eagle Tree Service, gd2go, Kennedy Insurance Brokers, Knox Hutchison Insurance, Laporte's Nursery & Greenhouses, Living Fit, Miller Waste, Mitchell Jensen Architects, North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, North Bay Rotary Club, Northern Honda, Ontario Northland, Penney and Company, Rebuilt Resources, Rotary Club of North Bay - Nipissing.  

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