Chat4Chad Sells Out in Minutes

Chat4Chad Sells Out in Minutes

Over 400 are expected at Canadore aviation Campus to raise funds for mental health

On January 22, 2023, Chad Ringler lost his battle to mental illness.

The loss left an unimaginable void in the lives of his family, friends, and community at large.

Chat4Chad was established in honour of Chad. Chad brought so much happiness and support into the lives of the people he loved while he quietly struggled himself.

Our goal is to carry on Chad’s legacy and remove the stigma associated with mental health.

Our 2nd Annual Chat4Chad Gala is completely SOLD OUT!!!

We are so excited to welcome an incredible crowd of Mental Health supporters to “The Hangar” on May 25th!

Chat4Chad is so grateful to our community and promise to work tirelessly to ensure we help as many individuals as we can who are struggling with their mental health.

As always, please remember to chat EARLY, OFTEN, and NOW!

Donate today to support mental health and wellness awareness and services in our community:

Help us make a positive impact in our community as Chad did his entire life. We owe this to Chad and everyone who is struggling. The time is now!

For more information, visit or contact

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