City man Charged with Sexual Assault

City man Charged with Sexual Assault

Officers from the North Bay Police Service Patrol section attended a North Bay residence on March 14th in relation to a dispute.  As a result of an investigation, a 62-year-old North Bay man has been charged with sexual assault.

 The accused, who cannot be named, so as to protect the identity of the victim, is charged with three counts of Sexual Assault

 On the 14th of March, 2024, at around 10pm, members of the North Bay Police Service Patrol section were called to a North Bay residence in relation to a dispute. Upon arrival, officers obtained information relating to three separate incidents which had taken place between January 1st, 2024 and February 17th, 2024.  During these incidents an adult female was touched inappropriately by the accused. As a result of the investigation, the accused was arrested for sexual assault, and transported to North Bay Police Service headquarters.

 The accused was held for a bail hearing.

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