CMHA Teams up with Battalion for Mental Health

CMHA Teams up with Battalion for Mental Health

The North Bay Battalion are partnering with Canadian Mental Health Association, North Bay and District, for a mental health awareness game on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. when the Troops take on the Niagara IceDogs at Memorial Gardens.

The game day experience will have several features to promote the importance of mental health, including:

•        A CMHA-run kiosk on the concourse where fans can learn more about mental health and the organization’s community-based services. (With each table visit, fans can also fill out a ballot for their chance to win one of two prize packages featuring autographed Battalion merch, a gift certificate, and tickets to a future game. Free to enter!);

•        A ceremonial puck drop and photo opportunity with CMHA North Bay and District;

•        Videos featuring Battalion players talking about the importance of mental health; and

•        Public service announcements about mental health and CMHA North Bay and District;

This game is part of the Battalion’s ongoing partnership with CMHA North Bay and District through the provincial Talk Today program. The team is also linked to a CMHA mental health coach, who educates players about mental health and suicide prevention and provides support and resources.

“The North Bay Battalion are very pleased to partner with the Canadian Mental Health Association to support our players along with others in North Bay and the surrounding community,” said John McLellan, Sr. Manager of Marketing and Business Development for the North Bay Battalion Hockey Club. “Through valued sponsors like Syngenta and Grain Farmers of Ontario, the game night on Thursday will be a great way to educate our fans on the importance of talking and getting support for your mental health if need be.”

“CMHA North Bay and District is proud to team up with the Battalion to offer education, training and ongoing support to players all season long,” said Mary Davis, CEO of CMHA North Bay and District. "Game night is our chance to show the community and fans that we’re here for them, too. It is through events like this that we can help reduce stigma, increase public awareness, and encourage people to seek help when they need it.”

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