Council Committee Recommends Moving Forward on Arena

Council Committee Recommends Moving Forward on Arena
Special Council meeting to recommend moving forward with arena project 

On the City Of North Bay's website a special committee meeting will begin at 5pm Wednesday night and a special council meeting to begin at the same time at 5pm to discuss the new community centre.

MP Anthony Rota announced back in July 2022, that the Federal Government will contribute appox 26 million in funding for a net zero build. There is a concern that if council does not move forward with the project, the federal funding may be lost, given timeframes in proposal.

Some Councilors have stated that 52 million is the maximum price tag they would support in the past. The meetings will be followed closely by the users' groups and the general public. The community may have a decision on the next steps of moving the project forward or not.

The 5pm special committee meeting shows that the draft recommendation is as follows

We believe the Special Council meeting scheduled for 5pm will follow the 5pm special committee meeting.

At the Special Council meeting, the draft recommendation shows as follows

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