Dave Marshall Leadership Awards Handed Out

Dave Marshall Leadership Awards Handed Out

Nipissing recognizes outstanding student leaders

Nipissing University recognized the outstanding contributions of 25 student leaders during its annual Dave Marshall Leadership Awards Ceremony held at the NUSU Student Centre.

The Dave Marshall Leadership Award is a prestigious, non-monetary award established in recognition of the dedication and leadership Dr. Dave Marshall demonstrated during his 18 years of consecutive service as the Dean of Education and President and Vice-Chancellor of Nipissing University.

This year marks the University’s 20th anniversary of the awards which recognize students for their outstanding extracurricular contributions to their academic program, to the campus, or to the community. Dr. Marshall’s commitment to higher education, vision for the future, and leadership in external community service are all qualities embodied in the students selected for the award.

“The Dave Marshall Leadership Award recipients represent some of Nipissing University's best and brightest student leaders,” said Dr. Kevin Wamsley, President and Vice-Chancellor, Nipissing University.  “These students are making a positive difference on campus and in the community, so it is great to be able to formally recognize their contributions through these awards. The future is bright with these students leading the way.”

Congratulations to the following 2024 Dave Marshall Leadership Award recipients:

Academic Category

  • Ashley Boucher
  • Maddie Desmarais
  • Avery Duguay
  • Ryan Hardy
  • Kyra O’Hagan
  • Kyle Pawson
  • Breanna Pett-Moore
  • Nebyu Woldeyohanes

 Campus Category

  • Elsa Allen
  • Anna Brownlee
  • Aurora Buckley
  • Aster Constapel
  • Jada de Jeu
  • Kennedy Joyce
  • Riley McEntee
  • Taylor Mitchener
  • Ishwariya Ramakrishnan
  • Savannah Searle
  • Priya Seeraj-Turingia
  • Maddison Simons

 Community Category

  • Kennedy Bond
  • Kara den Hoed
  • Malory Dominico
  • Tina Hérard
  • Kaia Quan-Heffron

To read more about the accomplishments of each recipient, visit www.nipissingu.ca/dmla.

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