Deb Marson: North Bay Food Bank Needs your Assistance

Deb Marson: North Bay Food Bank Needs your Assistance

Report North Bay sat down with Deb Marson, the executive director of the North Bay Food Bank to learn more about their organization and what services they provide to the community. Families in need in 2023 have increased significantly over 2022. The caseload is growing each day. There is a clear need for more food and resources to keep up with the increasing demand.

Deb Marson hard at work assisting those in need

REPORT NORTH BAY: The North Bay Food Bank does wonderful work in our community. What does the Food Bank focus on or prioritize to provide the best possible outcome for individuals in need?

DEB MARSON: Thank you for the question, our volunteer Board of Directors, our staff and dedicated volunteers truly believe in making a difference in our community. The North Bay Food Bank has been serving the North Bay community since 1987. It is a local food bank, funded entirely through the generosity of our community.  The focus of the food bank is to help alleviate food insecurity for housed North Bay residents, allowing each citizen the opportunity to become self-sufficient. For example, we provided over 4,200 hampers in 2023 which helped over 5,300 adults and 2,100 children.  Times are challenges for families and individuals.  We have had 370 new households registered with the food bank in 2023, an increase of almost 200 over 2022. More needs to be done.


REPORT NORTH BAY: Tell us a little about the structure of the North Bay Food Bank?

 DEB MARSON: The North Bay Food Bank operates with a volunteer Board of Directors. There are currently 10 members on the Board, 5 staff members (1 full time and 4 part time) and we are so fortunate to have over 30 generous volunteers that assist with day-to-day operations and special events.  Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees the organization and provides direction on program delivery, as well as key staff who handle the day-to-day activities. Client services and warehouse volunteers help deliver the food bank's hamper program and provides support with food checking and inventory.


REPORT NORTH BAY: Is there a consistent need here in our community and how can the citizens help?

 DEB MARSON: There is a tremendous consistent need for hampers, and with an ever-increasing number of new households needing assistance, the North Bay Food Bank needs help all year round. We have clients who require our support month after month and we need to be there for them each time. Our community can ensure we are able to continue providing this monthly service through organizing food drives, making online donations, dropping of or mailing in monetary & gift card donations, donating non-perishable food, personal hygiene or baby items through organized events or adding to our retail collecting bins.


The North Bay Food Bank Needs Your Help




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