Do's-Don't in Recycling

Do's-Don't in Recycling

Help keep our recycling from going to the landfill by avoiding these common recycling mistakes.

No Coffee Cups – DON'T recycle coffee cups. The inside plastic coating is unable to be separated. The dark plastic lids are also not recyclable.

No Chip Bags - Paper-backed foil (e.g. Lids from take-out food) Foil laminates (e.g. potato chip bags) are NOT recyclable.

No Soiled Food Boxes – DON'T recycle cardboard or paper that is soiled with food or grease.

No Plastic Bags – DON'T recycle plastic bags or bag your recyclables.

Flatted Materials – DO break down and flatten your cardboard

Remove Lids & Caps – DO remove lids and caps and recycle separately.

Empty Containers – DO empty containers before recycling

Rinse containers – DO rinse bottles and containers before recycling.

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