You have Spoken

You have Spoken
Poll on safety 

Report North Bay Exclusive

Report North Bay ran a poll from June 5-21, 2024 regarding your perception of being safe in the city considering the recent gun violence, violent home invasion and general crime we are seeing in the city. Further the business community has stated they are "Fed Up" and are looking for concrete results to the situation as they are on the front lines dealing with crime. Overall, just over 88% of respondents say the city is far worse and not safe at all.

The question was "In the last 2 years, do you believe the city is getting less safe due to the increased severity of crime we are seeing?"

The results are as follows:

The City is a safe place to live: 0%

The City is the same as 2 years ago: 11.76%

The City is far worse off: 23.53%

Crime is out of control and I don't feel safe: 64.71%

The opinions of the responders stated they have full confidence of the North Bay Police Service but they want to see more support and resources provided to them by all levels of government.

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