Event Hosting Money Available

Event Hosting Money Available
North Bay City Hall

City of North Bay Invites Applications for Event Hosting Grants in 2024

The City of North Bay is pleased to announce the opening of its Event Hosting Program's grant application process for conferences, meetings, sports tournaments, and special events scheduled for 2024. 

The program, designed to support local organizations, community groups, and businesses, offers financial assistance to offset event-hosting expenses. To date this year, the program has successfully supported nearly 50 events. The application period is open until Jan. 26, 2024.

Events eligible for funding should demonstrate a substantial community impact and provide an opportunity to showcase and promote North Bay. The application period is open until Jan. 26, 2024.

A Review Committee, comprising representatives from the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce, as well as the City's Economic Development and Community Services departments, will evaluate and score applications. 

A scoring system will gauge the event's impact on the community, assisting the Committee in determining the funding status of each application.

Applicants are reminded that submissions after the Jan. 26th deadline will only be considered if there are remaining program funds. All interested groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

For detailed program information and the application process, please visit City of North Bay Event Hosting.

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