Failed to Stop after hitting Parked Car

Failed to Stop after hitting Parked Car

38-Year-old Female Charged with Impaired Driving

A 38-year-old woman from North Bay, was charged with Impaired Driving, and Fail to Stop, after hitting a parked car in a parking lot.

A 38-year-old North Bay Woman has been charged with;

One count of Operating While Impaired

One count of Over 80 mg of Alcohol

One count of Failure to Stop After a Collision

One count of Drive Motor Vehicle with Cannabis Readily Available (Cannabis Control Act)

Just after 11:00 pm on May 10th, officers from the North Bay Police Service were called to attend a business on Pinewood Park Drive, in relation to a possible impaired female driver, who had struck a parked vehicle as she was leaving the establishment. The driver did not stop after the collision, and continued northbound on Pinewood Park Drive. Officers later located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on Worthington Street East. The 38-year-old female was arrested for impaired driving. During a subsequent search, a THC vape pen was located. The accused was transported to North Bay Police Service headquarters for further testing. Through these tests, it was determined that the accused had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her bloodstream.

The accused was later released on an Undertaking with a future court date.

Police are reminding the public, that being impaired by alcohol or drugs while driving, carries the following immediate consequences:

7-day vehicle impoundment

A mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension

Upon conviction, drivers face heavy fines, further driver’s license suspensions and possible jail time.

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