Four Outdoor Rinks Open

Four Outdoor Rinks Open
Kinette, Greenhill, Sage and Veronica Rinks open 

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City of North Bay crews have opened four outdoor ice rinks, with ongoing efforts to prepare additional rinks throughout the community as weather conditions permit.

As of now, the Greenhill Playground Rink is open and in good condition, while the rinks at Kinette Playground, Birchaven (Sage) Park, and Veronica Park are in fair condition. Despite the forecasted mild weather, crews are optimistic about keeping these rinks operational during the holiday season.

The City plans to maintain a total of 10 outdoor rinks this winter, along with the Lee Park Skating Trail. Additionally, weather permitting, a portion of the Kate Pace Way will again be utilized to create a winter trail connecting Lee Park and Marshall Avenue. This trail will cater to activities such as walking, snowshoeing, and other non-motorized recreational pursuits.

For the latest updates on the status of outdoor rinks, residents and visitors are encouraged to check the City's website at

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