Free Ski Night Courtesy of Steve Deacon

Free Ski Night Courtesy of Steve Deacon
DWM President Steve Deacon

The event will take place Saturday Night March 2nd

The Team at DWM is excited to provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a night of free skiing on behalf of the team at Deacon Wealth Management. This is their 2nd Annual Community Free Ski Night at North Bay’s Laurentian Ski Hill.

Always one to give back, Steve Deacon smiles and says "You’ll have the opportunity to purchase tickets to a draw to win 4 Chat4Chad Gala tickets, while the skiing is free, please bring some money to support this amazing local organization!!! I hope to see you at the hill!!!"

The event will take place Saturday, March 2nd (from 5pm to 9pm) and, while we’ve rented out the entire hill to provide free skiing to the community, it’s also a fund raiser for Chat4Chad!

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