Good News for Transit Users

Good News for Transit Users

North Bay Transit is introducing an additional fixed route to service areas of the City experiencing increasing ridership during the evening hours.

Starting Monday, Jan. 8, the new 8 Eastview/Algonquin route will complement the Dynamic Dispatch system, operating Monday to Friday from 6:50 p.m. to 10:50 p.m. along Algonquin Avenue, Cassells Street, Trout Lake Road, Fisher Street and Seymour Street. The route will also provide fixed services to Canadore College’s Commerce Court Campus and the Northgate Shopping Centre.

The 8 Eastview/Algonquin route will have a timed connection with the 1C McKeown Corridor route at Algonquin and Shirreff avenues allowing transfers between routes.

North Bay Transit experienced a significant drop in ridership during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as of the end of 2023, ridership has reached approximately 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

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