Impressive 830 points of 1000

Impressive 830 points of 1000
Chair Hariett Madigan 

 Clean Green Beautiful North Bay, in collaboration with the North Bay Communities in Bloom committee and the City of North Bay, proudly announced today that our City has achieved the highest possible rating in its Communities in Bloom evaluation. 

Scoring an impressive 830 out of 1000 points, North Bay has been awarded a five-bloom rating from the Communities in Bloom judges who evaluated the City this past summer.

Organizers showcased North Bay to the judges during a two-day tour that included sites such as Canadore Sustainable, the City’s waterfront, community gardens, local businesses, and historic homes. The judges’ visit wrapped up with a Sunset Cruise on the Chief Commanda II.

"We did it! Thank you to everyone in our community for stepping up with litter pickups, tree planting, creating beautiful streetscapes, planting orchards, and much more,” said Hariett Madigan, Chair of Clean Green Beautiful North Bay. “Your volunteer efforts and the support of our generous sponsors 'knocked it out of the park.’ Our slogan was ‘Do your part.’ Well, you did more than your part! Together, we truly are the best community our size in Ontario."

The judges assessed North Bay's performance across six key categories: community appearance, environmental actions, tree management, heritage conservation, landscape, and plant and floral displays.

Judges noted that a five-bloom rating is an outstanding achievement, particularly for a first-time entrant such as North Bay. The City, which was evaluated under the 50,000 to 100,000 population category, is now positioned to move up to the national competition level.

“North Bay was exceptional and deserved every mark we gave you!  It was amazing.” said Matt Robertson, Provincial Judge for Communities in Bloom.

Clean Green Beautiful and The City of North Bay extended their heartfelt thanks to all volunteers and sponsors for their invaluable support. To view the complete 2023 North Bay CiB Evaluation Form, visit


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