Innovation and Progress a Trademark of Canadore College

Innovation and Progress a Trademark of Canadore College

Surplus properties sold to Canadore College

Canadore College is well known for innovative projects to meet the needs of students as well as the community of North Bay. With housing a key concern of all 3 levels of government and the top concern of Canadians, it looks from the outside, the senior team at Canadore sees an opportunity in the purchase of abandoned former Near North School Board Schools to fill a gap not only for seniors in North Bay, Daycare space but their ever-growing student population and their housing needs.

Report North Bay reached out to Canadore College's communication specialist Cindy Males for information.

"We are aware of the speculation in the community about our plans for the surplus properties we recently purchased from the Near North District School Board. We are examining many options, including housing for students and seniors, and daycare spaces. No final plans have been made."

Given the challenges of housing across the country, this move looks like a positive key decision for not only Canadore and their students but the City of North Bay overall.


In June 2023 the Board of Trustees approved a motion declaring the former E.W. Norman Public School and E.T. Carmichael Public School as surplus and that the properties be sold.

On Feb. 13, 2024, the Board approved two motions accepting offers from Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology for the purchases of both properties. The sale was completed on March 28, 2024.

The E.W. Norman site was purchased for $825,000 plus HST and the E.T. Carmichael site was purchased for $650,000 plus HST.

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