LETTER: Nick's Place needs assistance

LETTER: Nick's Place needs assistance
Letter to the Editor

There is a spot in downtown North Bay, called Nick's Place for Us.  Karrie Emms is an amazing woman who has opened Nick's Place for Us as a FREE spot for children to go and express their artistic abilities. It has become a truly amazing spot for 2 of my youth to go on Thursdays. She provides dinner, crafts, open art abilities, and so much more.  

 This is exactly what North Bay needs, more FREE safe spaces for our children and community. There are so many other non-profit organization spaces that get donation after donation both monetary and supplies. All the while this space is left behind and is looking at closing the doors if there isn't a miracle to happen.

 I think that the community is so beautiful every time it comes together when one of our own needs help - and this wonderful woman needs our support now more than ever. A go fund me page has been set up  Go Fund Me link to help

Melanie Hopkins

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