Local Firms Receive Funding

Local Firms Receive Funding

The Ontario government is investing $800,000 through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHFC) for 24 job placement opportunities in Nipissing. This investment will help businesses expand operations and develop our local workforce.


“Through the NOHFC’s Workforce Development Stream, our government is strengthening and developing Nipissing’s economy by helping create jobs,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “Together with our northern partners, we are creating highly skilled, good-paying career opportunities that will increase the prosperity of our region.”


Some internship projects receiving NOHFC funding include:

·       $70,000 to support a manufacturing intern and a professional, scientific & technical services intern with Suppa Engineering

·       $35,000 to support a heath care & social assistance intern with the Active Running & Therapy Centre Inc.

·       $34,400 to support a mining, quarrying & oil + gas extraction intern with Corexplore

·       $26,300 to support a construction intern with Ableton Electrical Services


“Suppa Engineering is truly grateful for NOHFC's support through their internship funding program. This initiative has significantly enhanced our team's capabilities and innovative output, enabling us to tackle more complex projects with greater efficiency. NOHFC’s streamlined funding process and support have allowed us to recruit skilled interns, who bring fresh ideas and energy, thereby enriching our projects and enhancing our overall expertise. Thank you, NOHFC, for being a key part of our growth and development.”- Rob Suppa, President, Suppa Engineering.


“The NOHFC has had a significant impact on Ableton Electrical Service. The intern funding has enabled us to grow our staff while providing an opportunity to a talented apprentice.” - Ryan Rogers, Ableton Electrical Services.


The NOHFC promotes economic prosperity across Northern Ontario by providing financial assistance to projects—big and small, rural and urban—that stimulate growth, job creation and skills development. Since June 2018, the NOHFC has invested more than $790 million in 6,464 projects in Northern Ontario, leveraging more than $2.3 billion in investment and creating or sustaining over 9,930 jobs. Locally, the NOHFC has invested more than $138 million in 798 projects in the Nipissing region, leveraging more than $549 million in investment and creating or sustaining 1,457 jobs.

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