Love is in the Air: So are Romance Scams

Love is in the Air: So are Romance Scams

Every year around Valentine’s Day, fraudsters are on the look-out for unsuspecting victims.

From the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: In some cases, victims may be contacted on dating websites or social media and then asked to switch to a different method of communication. It is common for suspects to use pictures found on social media of real people (ie. business people, members of the military, family photos), pet photos and hobbies. Fraudsters will often edit these pictures based on the lies they have told.

A scammer convinces you to enter a virtual, online relationship so the scammer For more information on romance scams, visit:

This can occur through:

  • Email messages
  • Fake profiles on social media and dating sites

Eventually, the scammer may ask you:

  • for money for travel, a medical emergency or family assistance – making it seem urgent or like an emergency
  • to receive money for them – by doing so you might unknowingly be committing a crime
  • to join a business venture with them
  • to invest in cryptocurrency

Scammers will try to use any means necessary to convince you that their requests are legitimate. The majority of fraud is not committed by amateurs and they will use technology to their advantage.

Look out for these red flags and be suspicious:

  • when someone you haven’t met in person professes their love to you
  • if the person wants to quickly move to a private or different mode of communication (email, text, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts etc.)
  • if they always have an excuse not to meet in person
  • if you receive poorly/oddly written messages, sometimes even addressing you by the wrong name
  • if the individual claims to live close to you but is working overseas
  • if they act distressed or angry to guilt you into sending money
  • if the individual discourages you from discussing them or their situation with your friends and family (attempting to isolate you from those who may be suspicious of the relationship)

For more information on romance scams visit:

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