Making Over Main Street Project Resumes

Making Over Main Street Project Resumes
Photo credit-Report North Bay Staff

Making Over Main Street Project Resumes

The Making Over Main Street project is scheduled to resume April 8.

MCA Contracting Ltd. aims to expedite the project by deploying two construction crews to complete both Block 3, at Ferguson Street from Main Street to Oak Street, and Block 2, from Ferguson Street to Fraser Street. Once these blocks have been completed, work will shift to Block 1, between Fraser Street and Cassells Street.

The project mainly involves the reconstruction of above-ground infrastructure, including road base, curb and gutter, concrete crosswalks, exposed aggregate accent sidewalks, concrete sidewalks, traffic control systems, streetlight upgrades, festoon lighting, asphalt paving, and communication systems. Upgrades to the sanitary sewer on Ferguson Street and other ancillary infrastructure are included.

As construction proceeds, additional updates on the project’s schedule and progress will be provided. For more information about the project, visit

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