McKeown Ave to be Reconstructed

McKeown Ave to be Reconstructed

If City Council approves the award of a contract to Ed Seguin and Sons Trucking and Paving Ltd in the amount of $9,569,467.83 (plus HST) the reconstruction of McKeown Avenue can begin.

Background A Class ‘C’ Environmental Assessment (EA) was originally completed in 1999 to determine and confirm the required McKeown Avenue improvements between Algonquin Avenue and Gormanville Road to meet the needs of the expected increase in traffic demands as a result of the increase in development in the surrounding area. Improvements to McKeown Avenue between Highway 11/17 and Champlain Street were implemented in 2009 and this project includes the improvements to McKeown Avenue from Cartier Street to Gormanville Road. Given the time lapse of the original EA that occurred, an EA amendment was completed confirming that McKeown Avenue is to be widened to four lanes of traffic with two lanes in each direction.

In addition to the widening of McKeown Avenue is the implementation of active transportation facilities which were discussed at length with the City’s Active Transportation Committee which resulted in implementing a new multi-use path (MUP) in the boulevard on the south side of the road and replacing the new concrete sidewalk on the north side. The MUP will extend from Gormanville Road to the intersection at A&W with future plans for the MUP to extend and connect to the existing MUP on Airport Road.

The McNamara intersection will be constructed with new traffic lights providing a new controlled crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists. All existing underground water and sewer services are also being replaced other than the large concrete trunk storm sewer which will only receive minor localized repairs. A new storm sewer will be installed beneath the multi-use path as part of the stormwater management design to collect and store the stormwater runoff for the added hard/impervious surfaces (e.g. traffic lanes, MUP, etc.) before outletting into the ditch crossing Highway 17.

Other improvements include the replacement and addition of new streetlights including new pedestrian lighting for the sidewalk on the north side of the road. The road reconstruction and widening of McKeown Avenue was approved for funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP): Rural and Northern Stream.

The evaluation considered company ability, experience and price. The results are as follows: Ranking Company Bid Price

1 Ed Seguin and Sons Trucking and Paving Ltd $9,569,467.83

2 Canor Construction $9,951,449.03

3 Kenalex Construction Co. Ltd. $11,623,166.00

4 MCA Contracting Ltd. $12,976,832.15

The bid from Ed Seguin and Sons Trucking and Paving Ltd was the lowest bid and provides the best overall value to the City. Their bid is considered fair and reasonable.

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