MISSING PERSON: Nathan Johnson

MISSING PERSON: Nathan Johnson

North Bay Police Service: *******************UPDATE*****************Missing Person Alert for 13-Year-Old Nathan CANCELLED. He has been located safely.

The North Bay Police Service is seeking the public’s help in locating Nathan who has been reported missing.


 Nathan, male, age 13, is described as:

·        Height: Approximately 5’5”

·        Build: Thin

·        Eyes: Brown

·        Hair: Dark brown

·        Blue backpack, black jacket, black t-shirt, black pants and black hiking shoes.


Nathan was last seen on May 2nd at around 3:00pm in the area of Chippewa High School, North Bay.


Anyone with information concerning Nathan’s whereabouts is asked to contact the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555 and press 9 to speak with an officer.

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