Missing Person (Updated)

Missing Person (Updated)

The North Bay Police would like to thank the public for their assistance.  Billy Brochu has been located safe.

Person Missing from the North Bay Regional Health Centre

 The North Bay Police is seeking the public’s help in locating Mr. Billy Brochu.

Mr. Brochu left the care of the North Bay Regional Health Centre this afternoon at 2:10 pm. He fled into the bushes north of the hospital.

 Brochu is a Caucasian male, 28-years-old with shoulder-length sandy-brown hair and a full beard. He is 5’4” in height and weighs 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a yellow/blue/black T-shirt under a grey T-shirt, no pants, black underwear, socks and running shoes.

 Brochu is not considered a danger to the public but hospital staff and police are concerned for his well-being. If spotted, please contact the North Bay Police at 705-472-1234.

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