Sudbury Councilor Missing

Sudbury Councilor Missing
Greater Sudbury Councilor Michael Vagnini

Family and Police are concerned for his wellbeing.

Greater Sudbury PoliceUpdate: We have continued throughout the day to search for the missing person. Mr. Vagnini has not been located. The search is focused on the McCharles Lake Road area and any new information that is received.

Contact police with any information at 705-675-9171.

Missing - Michael Vagnini, 62 yrs. Male, 5'11, 260lbs, short black hair, unshaven. Wearing yellow hoodie, green pants.

Driving black Ram truck - BK22 178. Pass taillight broken.

Councilor Michael Vagnini was last seen yesterday eve, RR55 at McCharles Lk Rd.

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