More Sidewalks

More Sidewalks

If City Council approves the award of a contract to EXP Services Inc. in the amount of $1,109,522.50 (plus HST) for the provision of professional engineering services for the sidewalk program, the city will continue to expand its sidewalk initiative of making North Bay more accessible.

The contract will provide professional engineering services for the design and construction assistance of sidewalks on one side of the road in locations throughout the City that currently have transit routes. To facilitate the installation of the sidewalks the program will include the installation of storm sewers, curb & gutter, restoration, and partial asphalt paving including granular road base.

This program is a multi-year construction project that will benefit the neighborhoods that don’t have existing sidewalks available to provide safe and reliable travel for pedestrians to and from existing transit stops. The preliminary and detailed design for all sections will be completed from 2024 to 2026 to ensure tender ready contracts are issued during the winter period prior to each construction season.

Construction of the various sections of sidewalks is expected to commence in 2024 with the final section completed in 2031.

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