Mykul-One Night Only

Mykul-One Night Only
Mykul Abdallah- lead singer of the popular Southern Ontario Band Stone the Radio

Former band member of LOST JOHNNY and lead singer of the popular Southern Ontario band STONE THE RADIO is preforming one night only Saturday January 27th at Gateway Brewery.

Mykul was a band member of LOST JOHNNY who's lead singer Howie Turner was also from North Bay. They would go on to be successful recording artists.

Mykul grew up in North Bay and graduated from Canadore College in Graphic Design and now teaches Web and Graphic Design at Mohawk College.

Mykul says "On Saturday I'll be back home in North Bay, playing at one of my fave breweries anywhere Gateway City Brewery!!!

mykul - live acoustic music

"This is just gonna be a big sing-a-long with all my family and friends in the area!!! From CCR, Fleetwood Mac and the Foo Fighters to The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Post Malone - let's make this a mid-January to remember!!!"

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