As National Tourism Week kicks off today, Tourism North Bay is excited to share a captivating new video showcasing a mix of old city promotional footage with a fun and edgy spin to encourage travellers to choose North Bay as their four-season Northern Ontario destination of choice.

 Tanya Bédard, Executive Director of Tourism North Bay, expressed her enthusiasm for the release, stating, "North Bay is a destination like no other, offering visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and inspiring experiences.  We feel this video will resonate with residents as well as peak the curiosity of visitors who are keen to explore further. This video not only highlights the incredible offerings of our city but also celebrates the resilience, growth and spirit of our community."

 Produced in collaboration with local filmmakers, RFP Media and the tourism marketing agency, The New Business, the video features stunning footage of North Bay's picturesque landscapes, pristine lakeshores, lush forests, and vibrant downtown scenes. From outdoor activities to sporting events and cultural attractions, the video shares an array of tourism experiences that await visitors in the City of North Bay.

 “The video demonstrates the changes and growth that the community has seen over the years in relation to infrastructure, investment, inclusivity, and diversity,” Ms Bédard continued. “The constant theme that you will notice throughout are the stunning natural landscapes and most importantly, the warm hospitality of its residents.”

 Tourism North Bay encourages everyone to share this video with friends, family and social networks. Be sure to tag those that you recognize in the footage or share fond memories of the places you enjoyed visiting over the years. Let’s have some fun, show some pride and make North Bay go viral.

 The video is live on Tourism North Bay’s YouTube Channel and will be available for viewing at and all their social media platforms (@tourismnorthbay).

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