New Calendar of Events-North Bay

New Calendar of Events-North Bay
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Tourism North Bay is excited to announce the launch of a new events calendar! This new asset highlights activities and events happening in and around North Bay and can be found by visiting:

The calendar can be sorted by date, category, organiser or venue, making it the one stop platform for visitors. Whether making plans for the long weekend or the summer days ahead, this new listing tool will make it easier to navigate events and experiences and to help tourists discover what North Bay has to offer.

“We are thrilled to be launching this new calendar which will facilitate the connection between tourists visiting the city and the unique businesses, attractions and experiences that we have to offer,” said Tanya Bédard, Executive Director, Tourism North Bay.

To ensure the calendar remains up to date, Tourism North Bay is calling on all event hosting organisations, special interest groups and individuals to add their events for free.

“This is a powerful marketing tool for event hosts in our community,” explained Ms. Bedard. “This also gives the team at Tourism North Bay the opportunity to promote these events and activities to a wider audience who may be interested in visiting.”

Current administrators include The City of North Bay, The Capitol Centre, North Bay Museum, North Bay Battalion, Downtown North Bay & Waterfront, North Bay Public Library, North Bay Farmers Market, Gateway to the Arts Co-Op, 250 Clark, Nipissing First Nation, North Bay Indigenous Friends Centre, North Bay Curling, Creative Industries, YMCA North Bay and Laurentian Ski Hill.

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