New Police Chief Daryl Longworth Sworn In

New Police Chief Daryl Longworth Sworn In

The North Bay Police Service has officially sworn in Daryl Longworth as its eleventh Police Chief.  Chief Longworth brings with him more than 30-years of policing experience, and has most recently been the Chief of Woodstock Police Service, from 2019 until 2022.  Prior to that, he spent four years as the Deputy Chief of the London Ontario Police Service. 

North Bay Police Services Board Chair, Rich Stivrins, advised he is looking forward to working with the new Chief. “On behalf of the Police Services Board, I would like to welcome Chief Longworth to the North Bay Police Service. We look forward to benefitting from the experience he brings to the role, and are confident that he will continue the tradition of strong leadership of the North Bay Police Service, while supporting our members and the community”.

North Bay Police photo posted on Facebook

Chief Longworth will formally be introduced at a promotional and awards ceremony later this week.

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