Nipissing Wellness Ontario Health Team receives funding

Nipissing Wellness Ontario Health Team receives funding

Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing announced that the Ontario government is investing $300,000 to the Nipissing Wellness Ontario Health Team so they can advance toward maturity and potential designation to improve patient outcomes by bringing services together and help people more easily navigate the local health care system.

 “We are proud of all the hard work done by Nipissing Wellness OHT to advance our local healthcare services so that people in our community will have an enhanced continuity of care and will be better able to navigate their path within our health care system,” said MPP Fedeli.

 “We wish to thank the provincial government, the Ministry of Health, and Ontario Health for the continued support of work being done within the Nipissing district to support integrated health and social services. Nipissing Wellness Ontario Health Team members remain highly committed to driving system transformation in collaboration with our provincial colleagues.” Wendy Clute-Smith, OHT Executive Lead, Transformation and Strategy, Nipissing Wellness.

 OHTs will be supported by the ministry, Ontario Health, and broader support partners to meet a set of standardized milestones on a rapid timeline. This will include expectations to create a not-for-profit corporation, establish a primary care network that will support the OHT in implementing provincial priorities, standardize back-office supports and develop a home care readiness plan for the eventual delivery of home care.

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