NOJHL announces 2024-25 regular season schedule

NOJHL announces 2024-25 regular season schedule

One division and new OT format part of 312-game slate

The Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League (NOJHL) announced Tuesday its regular season schedule for the 2024-25 campaign.

A revised format will see each of the NOJHL’s 12-member clubs play 25 games at home and another 25 on the road.

Each team will also suit-up twice during the league’s annual Showcase event, which goes October 1-2 at Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex in Sudbury.

As part of the 312-game slate, which features a more balanced schedule, sees two notable changes that will take affect for the upcoming season.

Firstly, there will be just one division of 12, with the Top 8 clubs in the final standings qualifying for the playoffs.

Secondly, the shootout has been eliminated and will see games that are tied after regulation go to a seven-minute overtime period, skating three players aside.

Should contests remain without a winner being decided after OT, the game will end in a tie and each squad will earn one point.

Teams will still receive two points for wins in regulation and OT as well as one for extra time defeats.

Click on the following link for the 2024-25 NOJHL regular season schedule:

2024-25 NOJHL regular season schedule

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